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Is Your Pricing Strategy Anti-Customer Centric, Creating Distrust?

Is Your Pricing Strategy Anti-Customer Centric, Creating Distrust?

Pricing anything about services – food, SaaS products, etc. – is a delicate balance between creating margins and what a market will bear. I’ve always referred to it as an art and a science.

In most sectors, competition is high, and companies are always seeking ways to prohibit or dissuade customers from making a jump, while retaining them as valuable purchasers.

One would think, regardless of how…

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Play to Your Strengths - Strategies For Product Positioning

Play to Your Strengths – Strategies For Product Positioning

The past few months have had me thinking a lot about product positioning. Several projects that I’ve had, and more than a few business plans I’ve reviewed recently, struggle with the concept of their product’s strengths. This can apply to companies as well as a positioning message of what they offer over competitors. Product positioning is all around us, whether you notice or it or not.

The goal…

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Q&A: I failed. Again (and again). What […] am I supposed to do now?

If you saw the above posted in a forum, how would you answer it? Media, blogs, and pundits have continually proclaimed that entrepreneurship is a long, lonely, tough journey and getting your start-up off the ground is a gut-wrenching experience on a good…

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